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Apr 8, 2012


  • What this person hopes to achieve
  • This is just a brief summary the real details will go below in the actual "goals" section
  • This is just a quick summary of the person and why they are important.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

This is why thise person is noteworthy. Here is where you would list any achievements the person has gotten, any organisation they started, and products or contributions they have made to the 0x10c universe that has made them a noteworthy figure.

  • a few shortand notes about them may require bullet points
  • possibly two
  • or even three

Member Organisations[edit | edit source]

CISCA, CISCA Technologies, Better Business Bureau,

  • Usually the 0x10c Member page
  • sixteen helped establish the Better Business Bureau (B3) alongside AstralObserver. The Bureau Key Associates

This shows a list of people important in this persons life. they could be business partners, enemies, allies, leader, general or any other important assiciation

  • Member name (relation to this person)
  • Member name (relation to this person)

References[edit | edit source]

If the name of the person is a reference to a videogame or famous person here that would be explained to give unfamiliar users a chance to research it.

  • It is also usually advised that a link or two is provided for the user.
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