Mission Statement

"This is your Fleets Statement"

This is a brief description of what it means if that is needed.


Here is where a description of the corporation is given. What their goals are and important points that separate this corporation from others

  • This usually involves a couple of bullet points
  • As each one informs the reader what this groups saline goals and plans are
  • Including any recent achievements


This is the full pitch to new potential Members about why they should join. What you offer them and what roles are available within your army.

  • Another Army
  • The Name of a Pact

Here could be some additional information if needed

Noteworthy Posts

Here any 0x10c posts that highlight the important information about this army is included.

  • Usually the 0x10c Recruiting Forum
  • Usually the Welcome to new members section on this factions site.

This shows a list of founders/leaders within your army structure and a link to their pages

  • Member name (position)
  • Member name (position)

Here you would add links to the various big ships in your fleet/corp

  • A Link to the ship page named here
  • Another ship with another link

Here is where you would list the various planets your group/faction/corp occupies

  • Planet name and link to planet page

Here you outline any products you have in development and link to the assiciated wiki page.

  • Yet again best highlighted in bulletpoint form
  • This will link to the products categroy listing


If the name of the army is a reference to a videogame or famous person here that would be explained to give unfamiliar users a chance to research it.

  • It is also usually advised that a link or two is provided for the user.
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