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Mission Statement[]

"Your Soul Will Be Harvested"[]


For those wishing not to have their souls harvested, I'm offering an opportunity for you to commit yourself to me as a way to avoid your otherwise inevitable fate.

After you awaken from deep sleep, you will rendezvous with my primary vessel. Your ship will either be docked inside the vessel at a docking port of my choosing or equipped with advanced technology and used for battle, scouting, or other purposes.

Ships connected to the primary vessel will provide it additional power for its extensive systems. Your ship's computers will be connected to the primary vessel's cloud-based computing matrix to augment its computational capabilities. You will be assigned living quarters in a section of the human biofuel extraction levels that have been converted for human habitation. You will not be harvested, and in return, you will assist me in locating and acquiring human souls suitable for harvesting as we cross the cosmic wasteland, leaving chaos and destruction in our wake.


If you have any questions you'd like answered prior to joining me, just ask. Those interested should express their intent to join me in a reply to this posting prior to entering your deep sleep cell. All others will have their souls harvested in due time.

Enlistment offices are now open! Enlist yourself in the science, mining, transport, fleet, aerospace, or scavenging department. Fear not, you can switch office later!


Although Herobrine states friendship and neutrality his main agenda is assimilation through harvesting peoples souls. Many consider this a hostile act. Herobrine himself just see's it as a neccesary eventuality and non-hostile. As a result many organisations have the agenda of destroying herobrine. These include:

While others have simply declared him an enemy publicly:

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  • The Character of Herobrine is a reference to the game "Minecraft" also made by Notch, the creator of 0x10c.
  • There is a cult mythology behind the character herobrine. some say he is notch's dark side, others his evil twin but the most common myth is that Herobrine is a "ghost" in the code of minecraft.
  • Notch perpetuated this myth by repeatedly "removing" herobrine in various updates.