Mission Statement


The CISCA Corporation is an R&D and trade corporation who's main goal is to advance the galaxy to a state of relative peace, and bring wealth to those who help to do so. One of the founding members of the Concord Agreement, CISCA will do anything in it's ability to advance the best interests of the citizens of the Concord, and produce a strong, business friendly economy.


So, what can I do to help you ask? Enlist! In either the Military, Technical department, Economic management (mining ops, trading etc.), or Productions. (design, management.) CISCA Is also happy to provide aid to mining corps in need in need of a base of operations. Our station is open to all, and for a price we can even provide protection from our military force. (Due to Concord laws, we cannot be hired as mercenaries, only for defense.)

Noteworthy Posts

  • Yuri Pavlov (CEO)
  • Golgotha Avante (CTO)
  • Enady (CFO)
  • Grand Admiral Zimmeme (CMO)
  • Sirtystan (intern)
  • CoderJohn (intern)
  • Ubernox (Bug Tester)
  • miltyism (Bug Tester)
  • Xersues (Admiral)
  • CrazyEmoKitten (Captain)
  • Fan1Chelsea (Gunner)
  • ExSeaD (Rookie)
  • Trevor (Executive)
  • sixteeneleven (Worker)
  • eichermacher (Intern)
  • Warek (Worker)

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  • VICE OS, an easy to use piloting system with advanced features.
  • iFi, ship to station communication and security system.


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