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Due to the large number of Organisations in the 0x10c They have been sub-setted here for your convenience.


Here are all those organisations who's primary fuction exists during war time, they are essentially the armies. This section includes varying objectives including armies bent on taking over the world,armies bent on destroying them, armies designed to defend space colonies and armies for hire.For a more indepth look at the wartime politics see Treaties .


As a stark contrast to the Fleets there are the Corporations. These are the various companies existing in the 0x10c universe. They can range from trading companies,ship designing,mining organisations, delivery services to product manufacturers.You can find any product to suit your needs. If you ever wanted to get into the business section jump in here and see who is recruiting!


There is a lot to learn in the 0x10c universe, from how to survive, how ot build your own ships , how to mine right up to how to program your own on-board defence systems. If you are new to any of these topics and wish to join a friendly organisation to learn more try the Academies. Be warned though, If you plan on joining both an Academy and another organisation such as corporation or fleet, there may be conflicts of interest. please contact somebody within the organisation you wish to join for more information about their Treaties .


There are many other groups in 0x10c that do not fit into any of the above categories. This is where societies come in. Here could be anything from fanclubs for particular games to in-game churches.

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