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There is so much going on in the multiverse that it can be hard to figure out what to look for. Here in the main section we highlight some of the areas you may be looking for in the 0x10c Universe wiki travels!


New to the Game? Want to join an organisation or just check out your rivals? Head over to the recruiters section and see if any of them interest you. There is a wide range from armies to companies to churches. No matter what your in-game goals are there is bound to be one that suite you.


Due to the large number of in-game organisations covered in the "recruiters section" the politics can get a bit daunting. Here is a list of all the active treaties and alliances to know who Is friends with who and who vows to kill who. If you plan on joining many organisations this might be worth a look.


Being head hunted? Somebody being mentioned on the forums you haven't heard of? Have a look at the people section to find out all about those that have made a splash in the 0c10c Universe.


There are so many companies producting so many tools to help you in your inter-stellar needs. If you feel like doing a bit of shopping head on over to the products page to find out about the list of on-board operationg systems or ship designs and many more that are available for purchase.


Have every product you need but have work that needs doing? HAve a look at some of the services the various companies are offering.


Looking for a home? Many Planets are available for occupancy, others contain shopping districts while some are the home-worlds of armies and corporations. Have a look in here to find out where to visit and where to avoid....


Did you just see a beautiful specimen of a ship fly past you? Want to take a closer look but are afraid of who owns it? Have a look in the Ships section to find out who each of these fantastic ships are belonging to. Maybe you could even get a place on it. Scrubbing floors.

Reading Material

If you have read through all the above but are hungry for more many documents have been created in the 0x10c universe to inform and teach. Whether it's a guide on how to survive to a weekly news article. Here is where you will find all the cutting edge news and comprehensive guides.

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